10 Unbelievable Facts About Indian Food

Many individuals enjoy Indian food and spicy and aromatic flavours. However, there are many different ways in which to enjoy Indian food and there are also many facts about the food that people do not know about. In this article we will take a look at these interesting facts.
1. Six key flavours
The proper form of Indian food is a well-balanced collection of six different flavours. This combination of flavours include that of being salty, sour, bitter, astringent, as well as spicy and sweet.
2. The importance of pepper
Pepper is used a lot of Indian food and is considered to be king of all spices. If you then mix it with salt it becomes the ultimate form of seasoning. This is one of the reasons why Indian food is so flavoursome, because it uses a well balanced mix of these two basic spices.
3. Three main categories
Indian food is organised differently from many other styles of food and fits into three different main categories. This includes the vegetables and juice category, the oily and spicy styles and the meat and liquor styles that are often found in different forms of Indian food.
4. The importance of Payasam
Payasam is the most favourite type of sweet food that is served in South India and is often used at weddings and ceremonies. Many say that if this food is not used at a wedding, then the wedding is not a proper Indian event.
5. The popularity of chutney
Indian food uses many different ingredients and sauces and one of the most popular sauces that is added is that of chutney. However, chutney has come incredibly popular and is just as popular in locations such as Britain, as it is now in India. It can also be used on different styles of food and this does not have to be in an Indian style.
6. The history of Indian food
The early days of Indian food and the history behind the food is very cryptic and many individuals do not know about the eating routines and techniques that took place. This is because the ancient Indian language is very hard to understand and is still being worked out.
7. Indian food in America
Indian food is popular in the US of A and the first restaurant opened in the 1960s. Now there are over 80,000 different Indian restaurants throughout the USA And the style of good has become very popular.
8. The chicken tikka masala
One of the most popular dishes in modern Indian food is that of the chicken tikka masala that this was not actually invented in India. It was invented in Glasgow, Scotland.
9. The origins of Indian ingredients
Three of the most popular ingredients in Indian food is that of Chilli, tomato and potato and these foods do not originate from India but were originally imported from Portugal.

10. The land of spices

India is often referred to as the land of spices and this is because there are more spices in India than in any other country.

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