Indian Cuisine creating a Romantic meal for two


When it comes to that special someone you want to give and do your very best.
Imagine it is date, anniversary, holiday or just because night. You have an idea to make a home cooked, romantic meal. Should it be French meal of Oysters and Filet Mignon? Or an Italian meal of Tortellini and Mussels? Maybe it is time to surprise your partner with something new and exciting. If you and your partner have a spicier palate, an Indian cuisine would most definitely be the best meal for the evening. An Indian menu is a sure fire way to surprise your partner with your culinary talents for an evening of mouthwatering cuisine.

Most Indian dishes are filling due to dietary restrictions in the country. The country has a ban on beef and most meals range from seafood to lamb or vegetarian dishes. The dishes use a variety of spices, protein and sweets to create a delicious meal.

Here are a few menu ideas for your romantic evening, that are light enough to not have you feeling like a stuffed turkey; yet enough to fill your belly until your next meal.

Menu 1: Drink-White Wine, Appetizer- Vegetarian Samosa with chutney, Side Dish- Palak Paneer, Main Dish- Amritsari Fish, Dessert- Sooji Halwa

This menu idea starts the meal off with a vegetarian fried pastry appetizer. The main dish, consists of fish, is light and paired with the side dish of greens. Your dessert, which is a creamy and sweet flavored dish, can be served with vanilla ice cream.

Menu 2: Drink-Red Wine, Appetizer- Methi na Gota, Side Dish- Biryani, Main Dish- Murgh Mahal, Dessert- Kopra Pak

For this menu idea your appetizer is a vegetarian fritter, a finger food that is quite delicious. Your main dish is a curried, marinated chicken served with a side dish of vegetarian rice. Your dessert is a fluffy, savory treat resembling cake.

Menu 3: Drink- Sparkling Wine, Appetizer- Malpua, Side Dish- Black Rice, Main Dish- Kos Maas aru Bilahi Anja, Dessert- Ghevar

This menu idea is slightly filling due to the main dish having potatoes but it is not terribly heavy. Your appetizer is fried bananas. Your main dish is a fish curried with potatoes and served with a side dish of black rice. Your dessert is a sweet dough soaked in syrup.

Menu 4: Drink- Rose Sharbat, Appetizer- Panipuri, Side Dish- Koshimbir, Main Dish- Pork Vindaloo Dessert- Sukhdi

Most of these dishes in this meal plan are well known throughout India. 1 or more is eaten on a special occasion, such as romantic meal for that special someone or a holiday surprise. Your appetizer is a fried crisp filled with chutney, water and more. The side dish is a salad. The main dish is a curried pork and your dessert is an energy filling sweet made from flour and butter.

Menu 5: Drink- Pinot Noir, Appetizer- Cucumber Raita, Side Dish- Tomato Chutney and Naan, Main Dish- Tandoori Chicken , Dessert- Besan Ladoo

This menu idea starts with a cucumber dip that pairs well with the chutney and bread. Your main dish is a delicious curried chicken. The dessert is sweet and incredibly easy to make.

To ensure that your meal goes as planned do not forget to clean up as you go as a dirty kitchen is never appealing.

Set the mood by creating an authentic and romantic experience by placing cushions or low stools at a low table. Also use scented candles and low light to create a romantic ambience. You can buy flowers to use as a gift and a decorative center piece for your table (you can take some ideas for gifts from here). Roses are a romantic flower but are terribly over used as gifts and center pieces, try Lilies, Iris’ or a favorite colorful flower.

Creating an unforgettable experience for your special evening by using any of these meal ideas will create infinite possibilities for your night. As they say “Food is a universal language.”
It is the through the use of spices and atmosphere that will send your palate and evening into a whirl of satisfaction.

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